Go Trendy with Textile Art

Just like other forms of art, textile art is also an ages old art form, historical in a way.  So, the history of textile art is dated back to the history of international trade and commerce. What is textile art? Textile art implies weaving, braiding or knitting with a synthetic, plant or animal fibers in order to make decorative items or objects. Textile art includes the technique of dyeing or printing on the textile, or embellishing it with any embroidery or needle-work, etc. it also involves knitting, sewing, tailoring and crochet along with the tools used. All this is included in textile arts.

One of the main kinds of textile art includes dyeing, cutting and stitching the fabric into desired shape and size.

Nowadays, abstract textile art is a prominent art form, and it is has become prevalent since 19th century. In this form of art, textile artists make use of visual expressions consisting of line, color in order to create different forms of art.

Look At Me

Look At Me

Besides using traditional embroidery and sewing techniques, textile artists do painting and collage work by selecting the fabric, dyeing it with desired colors, cutting it as required, and then stitching it using the sewing machine in order to make a pattern.  After providing it with the layers of colors and textures, the completed piece is stretched over a wooden piece of frame in order to hang it.

Some artists may also make geometric figures on a piece of cloth. This is first done by dyeing the cloth with vibrant colors and then drawing the desired pattern over it.

A number of online portals are providing textile artwork. You can buy textile art and decorate your home or office space at fairly reasonable rates.

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Expert Tips by Animal Artist: Irina Rumyantseva


In the olden times, animals were not considered to be appropriate subjects of paintings for serious art. Eventually, with the growth of creativity and technicality in the artists, lovely paintings of animals were produced. Irina Rumyantseva is one of the best Animal Artists in UK. She considers animal art to be is uniquely beautiful and distinct from other types of paintings. Here are some useful tips by this famous artist that will help you to paint like her-

  1. Plan your Painting- Firstly; you need to establish the position of your subject and other features in your painting. Till the time you are not happy with how your painting looks, you can reposition your subject. Planning can be done on the tracing paper. Once you have planned your painting, you are half way through.
  2. Develop colour mixes: You need to develop a range of reliable colour mixes that you can depend on to create a fascinating animal painting. Irina has used an assortment of lively and bright colours that make her painting a perfect home décor piece.
  3. Nature is more than Black and White: Animal art looks best with a combination of colours. It is recommended to push vibrant hues in your colour palette. Try painting in a bad light so that you can easily brighten your artwork by adding shades that bring life to it.

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Add Original Artwork to Your Home Décor

Are you bored of the interiors of your drawing room? But, you must be wondering how to change the look of your sitting room completely that can be nice and affordable at the same time. Well, then this is the right place for you.

Irina Rumyantseva provides you with beautiful paintings that can be bought at fairly reasonable prices. They make available a variety of affordable artwork, ranging from floral art to abstract art, landscape art, cityscape, figurative art, buildings & architecture, animals & wildlife, seascape, as well as still life paintings. This is the perfect place where you can invest your money to buy original art too. Still life paintings are mostly made on canvas using a collection of mixed media directly at the artist’s studio.

They specialize in making customized painting according to the preferences of the customer in size, colour, theme and other styles.

Paintings look beautiful, if contrasted with the colours and shades of the walls, therefore the gallery provides original artwork which are prepared in a customized manner so as to order commissions. They also offer handmade limited edition paintings which can also be made in different sizes as per customer’s needs. All the paintings are made by professional artists. The customer can tell their likes or dislikes, choices of colour, size, including the type they want.

Summer Memories

Summer Memories

One of the best services offered by this online art gallery is that it gives the facility of free delivery anywhere in the world. Here, you can properly connect with the artists in order to tell them your preferences and what type of artwork you are interested in.

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Abstract Paintings are Trending in the Art World!

If we were to look back at some of the most famous and celebrated abstract artists through history, they were indeed the masters of their art form. Those early pioneers of art experimented with colour, shapes and symbols. This creative explosion gave way to a more abstract expressionism.

Abstract art encompasses a vast array of shapes, lines, form and colour. Instead of using traditional, recognizable subject, abstract artists use the color and form of the painting as the subject matter. Abstract paintings range from the geometric to the fluid; however both of these require great planning and execution. On completion, abstract artworks radiate vibrancy, and intrigue fellow art lovers. Most of these works of art offer you an alternative interpretation of the world through the eyes of abstract artists.

While abstract paintings are often tagged as a little challenging to interpret, they are actually visual stimulation to one’s senses. This characteristic of abstract art, along with its universality and ability to blend with all home décors, has made this art form stand out and rise above all other forms of art.

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Why Commission a Painting from Modern Artists?

To commission a painting or artwork means getting the subject matter, size, medium, and artist you want. With commission art, you don’t just end up with a painting that is unique and exclusive to you, but you also become an active part of the design process to produce the work you desire.

When you are thinking of buying a commission, start by understanding what kind of artwork you really appreciate and what would be the context for art piece. Do you like a particular style? Is the commission for you or is it a gift? Will it blend with your home décor? The next step in the process is to put down your thoughts on paper. This will help you develop your thinking and initiate the starting point for the brief. You can use this brief when discussing the commission with the modern artists.

A commissioned painting can commemorate and re-create the cherished locations or special events and occasions of your life. Commission wedding site or wedding day picture for treasuring the lovely memories and present it as an anniversary gift. For your office, you can commission a painting of your cabin or boardroom. This also serves well as a retirement gift. Other commission ideas include your favorite vacation scene, animal paintings, cow paintings, self-portraits, cityscapes, landscapes, etc. Or you could also get a commissioned still life art with objects ranging from flowers, bottles to prized possessions and family heirlooms.

The bottom line is that commission paintings are totally premium and exclusive, irrespective of the context you pick. To buy art that is specifically painted for you, visit http://artbyirina.co.uk/contact/

Why Paintings are a Perfect Gift?



Whenever we present a gift to someone, it usually tends to be a gadget, a piece of clothing, some accessories or the likes. While all these gift items are limited to individual tastes and preferences, the one gift that is loved by all is a beautiful painting. Nothing beats a gift that is innovative, vibrant, colorful and special!

The factors that make paintings a perfect gift are:

Paintings are timeless: A painting, unlike most other gifts, can be treasured and cherished for a lifetime. Recipients can enjoy the presence of the painting by adorning their home or office walls.

For all occasions & events:  Paintings prove to be an impeccable gift for persons of any age and for all occasions. Whether you are gifting to business associates, family, and friends, on festivals, weddings, housewarming, birthdays, anniversaries, or farewells, paintings are your best bet.

Art evokes emotions: Every painting delivers a message. Thus, there is no better way to express your feelings other than gifting a painting by modern artists.

Eco-friendly and easy to maintain: Paintings made on canvas are eco-friendly and very easy to maintain. All you would have to do is occasionally wipe dust off from the surface.

Affordable: You can avail numerous art options based on your budget. Just have a look at all the paintings for sale here: www.artbyirina.co.uk and select the one that appeals to your senses.

Remember, a painting can reflect your feelings and emotions seamlessly in its style, use of colours and art expression. Go ahead and choose a painting that you want to gift. We provide you free worldwide shipping!

So, which painting are you gifting?

What Makes Still Life Art So Appealing?

Still life art is among the oldest known art expressions. Right from Egyptian tombs to present day abstract paintings, this style is a natural and essential step in appreciating art of all kinds. Historically, the style of the still life has often been criticized for its simplicity. Yet, it doesn’t fail to prove that simplicity is true elegance.

In the art world, still lives are particularly the ones that contain subjects that do not move and hold still. These subjects are objects, such as flowers, bottles, musical instruments or food. The subjects can be in solo or in an arrangement of everyday, inanimate objects, either natural, for instance, food, wine, flowers, fruits, etc. or manufactured items such as books, bottles, crockery, and the likes. The charm of a still life painting is that it reveals the skill of still life artists in painting shapes, light, and shadow.

The history of still life paintings dates back thousands of years. Different eras were marked by different styles of still life. However, from the earliest still life art to the most recent ones, the objects of the paintings are almost always placed on a table or raised platform. Traditionally, some of the objects painted in still life were selected for their symbolic meaning. But in the modern day, this symbolism eludes and most objects are selected for aesthetic appeal. Thus, still life paintings aren’t compelled to have symbolism. They are more about brush strokes, shapes, colors, light and shadow, and perspective possibilities.

Still life

Still life

If you are a person who appreciates the beauty in simple, everyday things, still life art will appeal you the most. To buy original art and interesting still life paintings for your home or office, contact here: http://artbyirina.co.uk/contact/