Go Trendy with Textile Art

Just like other forms of art, textile art is also an ages old art form, historical in a way.  So, the history of textile art is dated back to the history of international trade and commerce. What is textile art? Textile art implies weaving, braiding or knitting with a synthetic, plant or animal fibers in order to make decorative items or objects. Textile art includes the technique of dyeing or printing on the textile, or embellishing it with any embroidery or needle-work, etc. it also involves knitting, sewing, tailoring and crochet along with the tools used. All this is included in textile arts.

One of the main kinds of textile art includes dyeing, cutting and stitching the fabric into desired shape and size.

Nowadays, abstract textile art is a prominent art form, and it is has become prevalent since 19th century. In this form of art, textile artists make use of visual expressions consisting of line, color in order to create different forms of art.

Look At Me

Look At Me

Besides using traditional embroidery and sewing techniques, textile artists do painting and collage work by selecting the fabric, dyeing it with desired colors, cutting it as required, and then stitching it using the sewing machine in order to make a pattern.  After providing it with the layers of colors and textures, the completed piece is stretched over a wooden piece of frame in order to hang it.

Some artists may also make geometric figures on a piece of cloth. This is first done by dyeing the cloth with vibrant colors and then drawing the desired pattern over it.

A number of online portals are providing textile artwork. You can buy textile art and decorate your home or office space at fairly reasonable rates.

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