Expert Tips by Animal Artist: Irina Rumyantseva


In the olden times, animals were not considered to be appropriate subjects of paintings for serious art. Eventually, with the growth of creativity and technicality in the artists, lovely paintings of animals were produced. Irina Rumyantseva is one of the best Animal Artists in UK. She considers animal art to be is uniquely beautiful and distinct from other types of paintings. Here are some useful tips by this famous artist that will help you to paint like her-

  1. Plan your Painting- Firstly; you need to establish the position of your subject and other features in your painting. Till the time you are not happy with how your painting looks, you can reposition your subject. Planning can be done on the tracing paper. Once you have planned your painting, you are half way through.
  2. Develop colour mixes: You need to develop a range of reliable colour mixes that you can depend on to create a fascinating animal painting. Irina has used an assortment of lively and bright colours that make her painting a perfect home décor piece.
  3. Nature is more than Black and White: Animal art looks best with a combination of colours. It is recommended to push vibrant hues in your colour palette. Try painting in a bad light so that you can easily brighten your artwork by adding shades that bring life to it.

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