Manchester River Irwell


A bold abstract illustration of Manchester, River Irwell and surrounding buildings and architecture which reflect the thriving city of culture. A modern abstract cityscape on deep edge box canvas sat inside a black wooden box frame, ready to hang. A unique colorful scenic style impression of the Manchester skyline with white sky and Manchester Cathedral in the background. Fine detailed painting on deep edge box canvas. Affordable original art by a unique modern contemporary artist.

Size with frame 35 inches x 35 inches x 2.5 inches.

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Why Commission a Painting from Modern Artists?

To commission a painting or artwork means getting the subject matter, size, medium, and artist you want. With commission art, you don’t just end up with a painting that is unique and exclusive to you, but you also become an active part of the design process to produce the work you desire.

When you are thinking of buying a commission, start by understanding what kind of artwork you really appreciate and what would be the context for art piece. Do you like a particular style? Is the commission for you or is it a gift? Will it blend with your home décor? The next step in the process is to put down your thoughts on paper. This will help you develop your thinking and initiate the starting point for the brief. You can use this brief when discussing the commission with the modern artists.

A commissioned painting can commemorate and re-create the cherished locations or special events and occasions of your life. Commission wedding site or wedding day picture for treasuring the lovely memories and present it as an anniversary gift. For your office, you can commission a painting of your cabin or boardroom. This also serves well as a retirement gift. Other commission ideas include your favorite vacation scene, animal paintings, cow paintings, self-portraits, cityscapes, landscapes, etc. Or you could also get a commissioned still life art with objects ranging from flowers, bottles to prized possessions and family heirlooms.

The bottom line is that commission paintings are totally premium and exclusive, irrespective of the context you pick. To buy art that is specifically painted for you, visit

Why Paintings are a Perfect Gift?



Whenever we present a gift to someone, it usually tends to be a gadget, a piece of clothing, some accessories or the likes. While all these gift items are limited to individual tastes and preferences, the one gift that is loved by all is a beautiful painting. Nothing beats a gift that is innovative, vibrant, colorful and special!

The factors that make paintings a perfect gift are:

Paintings are timeless: A painting, unlike most other gifts, can be treasured and cherished for a lifetime. Recipients can enjoy the presence of the painting by adorning their home or office walls.

For all occasions & events:  Paintings prove to be an impeccable gift for persons of any age and for all occasions. Whether you are gifting to business associates, family, and friends, on festivals, weddings, housewarming, birthdays, anniversaries, or farewells, paintings are your best bet.

Art evokes emotions: Every painting delivers a message. Thus, there is no better way to express your feelings other than gifting a painting by modern artists.

Eco-friendly and easy to maintain: Paintings made on canvas are eco-friendly and very easy to maintain. All you would have to do is occasionally wipe dust off from the surface.

Affordable: You can avail numerous art options based on your budget. Just have a look at all the paintings for sale here: and select the one that appeals to your senses.

Remember, a painting can reflect your feelings and emotions seamlessly in its style, use of colours and art expression. Go ahead and choose a painting that you want to gift. We provide you free worldwide shipping!

So, which painting are you gifting?

Mixed Media Paintings for All Décors

on the shore

on the shore

Mixed Media Painting is a broad term encompassing a vast array of styles, mediums and surfaces. The fun part is that it can be painted, glued, inked, built, stamped, embossed, layered, gessoed, sewn, embellished and inlaid by modern artists. Many of my paintings utilize acrylics and mix media with plenty of textures. Currently, mixed media is becoming extremely popular for home décor. However, people also buy art for their offices, and galleries.
If you want to purchase a mixed media artwork for your home or office, but still have second thoughts about it, then worry not! Mixed media paintings blend well with all types of interiors. For instance, a landscape painting or a still life composition, using mixed media, will surely complement a traditional interior and look equally stunning in a modern one. While an abstract composition can add personality to a contemporary décor, a mixed media floral art painted with acrylic colors will complement a Shabby Chic interior style.

Irrespective of your interior décor or your taste in art, you can treasure your art collection with a mixed media painting by modern artist as a highlight in any room. The layers, the textures, the complex techniques and various materials used for the paintings, make a mixed media artwork admirable day after day without losing its appeal even once. Want to buy an interesting mixed media art for sale? You can purchase them online on