Manchester River Irwell


A bold abstract illustration of Manchester, River Irwell and surrounding buildings and architecture which reflect the thriving city of culture. A modern abstract cityscape on deep edge box canvas sat inside a black wooden box frame, ready to hang. A unique colorful scenic style impression of the Manchester skyline with white sky and Manchester Cathedral in the background. Fine detailed painting on deep edge box canvas. Affordable original art by a unique modern contemporary artist.

Size with frame 35 inches x 35 inches x 2.5 inches.

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Why Paintings are a Perfect Gift?



Whenever we present a gift to someone, it usually tends to be a gadget, a piece of clothing, some accessories or the likes. While all these gift items are limited to individual tastes and preferences, the one gift that is loved by all is a beautiful painting. Nothing beats a gift that is innovative, vibrant, colorful and special!

The factors that make paintings a perfect gift are:

Paintings are timeless: A painting, unlike most other gifts, can be treasured and cherished for a lifetime. Recipients can enjoy the presence of the painting by adorning their home or office walls.

For all occasions & events:  Paintings prove to be an impeccable gift for persons of any age and for all occasions. Whether you are gifting to business associates, family, and friends, on festivals, weddings, housewarming, birthdays, anniversaries, or farewells, paintings are your best bet.

Art evokes emotions: Every painting delivers a message. Thus, there is no better way to express your feelings other than gifting a painting by modern artists.

Eco-friendly and easy to maintain: Paintings made on canvas are eco-friendly and very easy to maintain. All you would have to do is occasionally wipe dust off from the surface.

Affordable: You can avail numerous art options based on your budget. Just have a look at all the paintings for sale here: and select the one that appeals to your senses.

Remember, a painting can reflect your feelings and emotions seamlessly in its style, use of colours and art expression. Go ahead and choose a painting that you want to gift. We provide you free worldwide shipping!

So, which painting are you gifting?

Why Landscape Paintings are Perfect for Your Home?

If you have to buy a painting for your home, which style would you like to pick up? Probably, you would want the one which captures the true beauty, and looks appealing in all décor. Since there is nothing more beautiful than nature: the lush green fields, autumn trees, blue waters, snow-clad mountains or frozen lakes, landscape paintings are perfect for you.



The history of landscape painting is elaborate yet inspiring. It is one of the oldest and most popular forms of painting. The early representations of landscape can be traced to the Minoan period. In several ancient cultures, landscape frescoes and seccoes worked as an extension of nature itself. Landscape artists have the charm to stunningly display the beauty captured on canvas with plenty of detail and vivid colors. Landscapes have a unique appeal that leaves a mark on our minds. Similarly, the same landscapes and seascapes, when painted on canvas, create the same intense emotion for its viewers.

Landscape paintings depict the world that surrounds us by including the physical features such as mountains, vegetation, valleys, and water bodies. The sky is another essential element involved in forming the mood of landscape art. These paintings range from highly detailed and realistic to thought provoking and abstract. Acrylic and mixed media are the common mediums used to for painting scenic landscapes on canvas.

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