What Makes Still Life Art So Appealing?

Still life art is among the oldest known art expressions. Right from Egyptian tombs to present day abstract paintings, this style is a natural and essential step in appreciating art of all kinds. Historically, the style of the still life has often been criticized for its simplicity. Yet, it doesn’t fail to prove that simplicity is true elegance.

In the art world, still lives are particularly the ones that contain subjects that do not move and hold still. These subjects are objects, such as flowers, bottles, musical instruments or food. The subjects can be in solo or in an arrangement of everyday, inanimate objects, either natural, for instance, food, wine, flowers, fruits, etc. or manufactured items such as books, bottles, crockery, and the likes. The charm of a still life painting is that it reveals the skill of still life artists in painting shapes, light, and shadow.

The history of still life paintings dates back thousands of years. Different eras were marked by different styles of still life. However, from the earliest still life art to the most recent ones, the objects of the paintings are almost always placed on a table or raised platform. Traditionally, some of the objects painted in still life were selected for their symbolic meaning. But in the modern day, this symbolism eludes and most objects are selected for aesthetic appeal. Thus, still life paintings aren’t compelled to have symbolism. They are more about brush strokes, shapes, colors, light and shadow, and perspective possibilities.

Still life

Still life

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